Employee benefits for independent workers in Latin America

Taxes, Health, Savings and Perks built for the future of work


No matter what is your job,
we’ve got you covered.

We're building the first benefits platform for self-employed people in
Latin America, because you should own your benefits no matter who is your employer.

Tax Preparation

Forget about
tax preparation
every month

Health Insurance

Affordable health
insurance for
the self employed


Save for retirement
with a flexible and
transparent plan.

Time Off Work

Paid Time Off
Holiday Pay
Sick Pay


Accidental Death
Disablement Protection


Phone Plans
Prepaid Gas
Paycheck Loans

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Get employee
benefits in one place.

Benefits platform built for engineers, designers, contractors, part-time and gig workers.

Not having an employer doesn't mean you are alone.

Set aside a small part of your paycheck to ensure you're always covered.

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Orchata for business

Let your contractors get affordable benefits, retain them and forget about reinbursements.

Built for self-employed people in Latin America

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